Friday, July 17, 2009


You know your in for it when your standing in a target trying to determin which brand of ladies stright razor looks to have the most man friendly color way. It turns out to be bic for ladies with the four blades. They're all green and blue. This isn't the first time I have felt the need to shave in advance of a cycling adventure but it is the first in the last ten years or so. I probably don't need to go into why it is a good thing to shave your legs befor biking but for those that are wondering, let's just say the positives out nuMber the negitives. On the plus side my legs are quite womanly and attractive. Down side is I apparently have many more freckles than I was aware of and also a mysterious bruise on my knee that I had no idea was there. I'm not sure what the others have discovered under their leg-fros but I hope it's something close to awesomeness.

-- Life, from the road.

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